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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What kind of smart watch do I need to have to install the watch face?
    • You need an Android Wear compatible smart watch.  You do not install the watch face through Android Wear, but you need that compatibility to use Watchmaker Premium
  • What kind of watch is in the pictures on your website?
    • That is my personal smart watch which is why you see many scratches on the stainless steel case from wear.  It is a Huawei, one of the highest rated Android Wear compatible smart watches on the market.  It is compatible with both Android and iOS.  If you purchase directly from Huawei they start at $400 USD, however, you can purchase the model I have from Amazon for about $280 USD.
  • When will square Android watch faces be available?
    • Square watch faces are coming October 2019!
  • Do you take requests for personalized watch faces?
    • At first, I was going to open it up to requests, but that would make it feel more like a job.  I could imagine having more requests than I could accommodate, especially since some of my art takes over 100 hours of labor.  So instead, I would say I take suggestions.  Being an artist, I do my best work when I can unleash my creativity, so I do better with a suggestion for a concept rather than a very detailed set of instructions.  If you would like to suggest a watch face that you would like to see me create, you can send me an email by using the link at the bottom of this page under Contact Us, and I will consider your suggestion.
  • Do you make watch faces only for distribution on a specific model of Android Smart Watch?
    • If you are an smart watch manufacturer, I can create a collection of watch faces only for distribution with your smart watch.  To contact me to discuss details, please use the email link under the Contact Us at the bottom of this page.